Generally, our surveys will be of a non- destructive nature and will not include moving heavy furniture /lifting and refitting carpets etc. Our client should arrange for this to be undertaken prior to our arrival on site if required.(This applies mainly to sub floor timber inspections). We will lift floorboards (if accessible) but cannot be responsible for any damaged caused due to difficulties in lifting or from rot/decay. You must obtain written permission from the owners of the property if this is required.

Inevitably there will be timbers and areas that cannot be accessed / inspected fully (or at all) within the scope of a non-destructive inspection.

If you require a survey, which includes investigations of a destructive nature, then please confirm this in writing. An additional fee will be required for such a survey and we will require written authority from the owner.

External surveys are generally from ground level (unless scaffolding has been provided) and therefore detailed inspection to roof coverings, chimney stacks and rainwater goods are restricted accordingly.

Please contact us if you wish more detail regarding limitations and scope.